Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Brightens up Cloudy Days~ Song and Fashion

It's Cloudy day for the next two weeks in Malaysia according to the weather forecast! 
Yeay, We love rain it's cooled and freshened the air :)
Yes, we do love summer! but a bit rain for changes doesn't too bad! 

Here is our song we keep on listen during rainy and cloudy days!
Rainy days doesn't always need to be match with mellow song, 
A happy song that can cheer you up and brighten the mood!

Wonder Girl's -  Like This

For products of the day we choose colourful products to brighten the eyes!
TT Cherry
Ladies Tankini

RM 179.00

LMK Blue Marine
Ladies Monokini
RM 228.00
BH Candy
Ladies Two Piece Bikini

RM 159.00

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Have a Great Days!

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