Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sales Countdown : Last Day!

All good things come to an end. Our 20% Storewide sale ends today. 
But, it's still a happy day!
Happy Merdeka and Selamat Hari Raya, folks. :)

Just for shares. Nelly Furtado's All Good Things Come To An End.

Enjoy your 20% discount today at 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sales Countdown : 2 Days Left!

Time flies! Prosun Sales in coming to an end.
20% Off Storewide!
Nonetheless, here are still some recommendations that you should get during this period of sales. :)

Muslimah Swimsuit Set
Out of curiosity, you may click on Conservative Ladies Swim Top with Skirt for details of this islamic women swimwear. :p

Lycra Swim Pants
Prosun's knee length swim pants can be worn for almost all activities i.e. swimming, snorkeling, hiking and cycling. Recommended for all sporty gentlemen and ladies.

Prosun Girls' Swimwear
Get your child a cute swimsuit today! Comes in assorted prints. You may [inquire us] for various cutesy girls swimsuit. If your child is a fan of ice-creams and green apples, wouldn't this be ideal? Feel free to browse Girls' One Piece Swimsuit.

Adult Goggles in Black from Prosun
Comes in a solid box
This is Prosun's best selling goggles. Due to its reasonable price and great quality, this silicone goggles is a steal. Comes with antifog and UV protected lens. Why are you hesitating?

48 hours more to the end of Sale.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sales Countdown : 3 Days Left!

The holiday season starts in a few more days. With National Day and Raya falling on the same day, you're bound to have a few relaxing days off! Take this opportunity to stroll the beaches and explore Malaysia's paradise. :)

Get a taste of Prosun Swimwear's 20% Storewide Sale.

Secret Love by Prosun
Chic and understated, this spaghetti strap swimwear has a real feminine touch to it. Seamed with an inner front powernet lining, it has great tummy control.
Details of this elegant piece 20% off  [here : Prosun Spaghetti Strap Swimsuit]

Ladies Control Suit by Prosun
Comfortable and feminine, this control suit is a style must have with its inner lining, giving an overall slimming effect. With an almost knee length pants, this practical and sportish piece is ideal for beach runners and swimmers.
Details of this ladies two piece tankini [here].

Prosun Unisex Board Shorts
This light weight and easy dry Prosun Board Shorts is great for outdoor activities and days by the beach.    
  • Back Elastic Waistband.        
  • Front Velcro Opening with Tie String.        
  • Side Cargo Pockets.
Enjoy a pair of good board shorts [here].

Prosun Swimwear 20% Storewide Sale Ends in 36 hours! Time and tide waits for no man. 
Visit while you can.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sales Countdown : 4 Days Left!

You enter a store on sale and discover that all the new stuff are NOT on sale.
What a disappointment
Fret not, this Prosun August Sale does no such injustice. You get what i mean... :p 
Prosun's new arrivals are on sale too!

Rashguard on Male Figure

Prosun Swim Top on Female Model

Prosun's unisex short sleeve swim top provides full coverage in and out of water. 
It is made from high quality lycra fabric with flat lock seam for extra comfort and durability.
It is suitable for all men and conservative ladies.
Get your piece [here].

Prosun unisex rashguard on female model
When it comes to sun protection, a long sleeve swim top is what you need. 

Prosun's swim shirt range has been our best sellers, regardless of it colour/design. This piece, in its fresh and young colour is sure to fulfil your need of a quality assured swimwear. :) 
For more details, view [Unisex Long Sleeve Rash Guard]

Prosun's new arrivals are also 20% off. Enjoy discounts for another 4 days more. 
Don't miss out!

Visit for purchase. :)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

We've been reviewed!!

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following reviewers for their review on our store. 

'Thank you so much for your time and effort!'

Fashionista in You
The review blogpost :

The AWESOME reviewer :

Do look up to fashionista in you ever so often as they have great updates all the time. Remember to always click on continue to read the post! :)

Keep In Vogue

The AWESOME reviewer :

KIV is always so great as they do their reviews by shops to shops basis. This way, we get to know of many up and coming stores. :)

To Keep in Vogue and Fashionista in You, 'Many Thanks!'

Sales Countdown : 5 Days Left!

Sale items are selling fast! So quick! Make your order at Swimwear Malaysia Online Shop before the end of this month.

Here are some great items under RM 10. :)

Silicone Goggles Straps in Black and Blue
Need a replacement for your swim goggles head strap? It's not necessary to buy a new pair of swim goggles! 
Get silicone head straps at RM3.60 only. 
Silicone head straps are comfortable and slips on heads perfectly. Not forgetting too, this silicone goggle head strap is adjustable in size. Suitable for children and adults.
Get your S.O.S Prosun Goggles Strap [here] :)

Sand Scoop a.k.a Dinosaur Shovel
It has never been more fun when scooping sand!
This handy sand scoop looks like a paw, fits well in hands, and can very well be a shovel.
Complete your beach play day with Prosun's beach playset too!
Get your Prosun Sand Scoop [here] for RM 7.92 only!

Men Swim Trunks by Prosun
Enhance your performance in the water with Prosun's men swim trunks.
Our high quality swim trunks are triangular shaped, with full front lining and inner drawstring. Love the neon color shapes on this swimming trunk! 
Available in sizes from S to 2XL.
Get your men's trunk for only RM10 this month [here].

Remember, this special offer is only available for 5 more days!

Visit for sales. :D

Friday, 26 August 2011

Sales Countdown : 6 Days Left!

If you're still contemplating on what to buy (doubts on size, quality, price), just drop us an [e-mail]. *tsk tsk six days left only!*

Hereby i present you with several
I-am-100%-sure-you-won't regret-buying-swimwear. :)

Unisex Rashguard
Practical, comfortable and durable, this rash guard shirt is everything you're looking for. 
Get the ultimate sun protection of UPF 50+ with Prosun's comfortable rash guards. 
The high performance and classic designs make this rash guard completely satisfying. 
Get it today [here] at RM87.92.

Men Swim Shorts
Perfect for swimming or working out, these comfortable mesh-lined shorts can be used for many indoor and outdoor activties! T
his men shorts with inner mesh comes with elastic waistband with tie string and side pockets. 
It's easy dry too!
Get it [here] today for only RM 30.40.

This Ladies Two Piece drawstring Bikini comes with removable bra cup. 
It's bikini bottom comes with inside thong, for a invisible butt line.
Get it [here] today to purchase it at RM 127.20 *superb choice*.

Now is the time to buy must-haves! :D
is the place you should be heading!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sales Countdown : 7 Days Left

One week more and no more 20% storewide sale! =(
So hurry up!
Some gorgeous swimwear to feast on <3

Bring a breath a freshness to the beach in this scoop neckline swimsuit from Prosun. This sorta swimming costume is the most basic shape of ladies swimwear, like a round neck t-shirt!
Sweet Dream by Prosun
Look for this piece [here]! Get your 20% discount now!

High-waisted and Mid-waisted pants have rolled back into fashion. Ever thought of incorporating the-everyday-stylish you into your swimming costumes too?
Hot Pants Matched with Swim Top
This mid waist hot pants can be matched with any bikini top, tankini top or rashguard! 
Enjoy your discounted purchase this month at [here]. :)

Explore depths of the sea by going snorkeling! 
Silicon Snorkel by Prosun
Complete this snorkel with Prosun's mask and gear up for snorkeling, recreational swimming and underwater exploring.

What makes this piece worth the buy? 
Silicon mouth piece and easy water clearing purge valve.

More details [here]

7 days left and counting!  Don't miss out on Prosun's Raya and Merdeka Sales 2011.

Great bargains at 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Hawaiian Shirt

Wanna look cool by the beach? Beach shirts were a rage during the 80's and now they're back!

Look for your ideal piece [here]

Get [this] if red is your colour!

Where to get it : [Link]

In conjunction of the upcoming Raya and Merdeka celebration, get your batik shirt from Prosun.

Currently, we are holding a 20% storewide Sale.

Head over to 
for more sale items :)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Where to get monokini in Malaysia

The title explains it all. Where can you get monokini in Malaysia?

Sometimes it's so hard, having to buy online from overseas! 

Now here's one quality assured Prosun Monokini. It's named Shakira because it screams hips don't lie!

Shakira Monokini

I have to say, it's inner lining is just as good quality as its swimwear. It's A-MA-ZING to swim in it! No more bikini shy! :P

More ladies swimwear at

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Bikinis For The Semi Modest

When it comes to clothing, shyness, extremely common, hinders one from wearing bikinis. Build up your confidence by taking it slow. Start with one piece swimsuits, monkinis, three piece bikinis or tankinis. :)

Sometimes we need a little more coverage than a string bikini can offer. The perfect solution is a skirt drape to keep your rear in check! Pareos are beautiful, but can't be worn in water. So, get this three piece bikini below from Prosun which incorporates a slip on skirt. Ideal for swimming! :D
Bandeau Bikini with skirt

Good news for those who do not wish to show too much skin. Selecting a stylish bikini swimsuit without flaunting everything is the core behind this three piece bikini with dress. Feel free to remove dress when you're feeling a little more daring! Ready for a beach party? :D

Halter Neck Bikini with Dress

Don't miss out on this month's Prosun Swimwear Raya and Merdeka Sale
Purchase ANY swimwear, yes, including the ones above and get 20% off
Sale ends on the 31st of August. So Hurry! Hurry!

Visit for sales!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Underwater Torpedo Toy

Underwater Torpedo Toy

From experience :

We were playing a 'catch the torpedo toy' game in the swimming pool, when a kid came over and snatched the toy away. He fell in love with it and begged his mom to buy one for him.

Wonder why this toy is so popular?


It glides up to 40 feet like a submarine underwater! 

Give this torpedo toy a slight thrust, and it'll speed away! 

Try catching it underwater for a full body workout! ;p

How To Play Torpedo Toy

Prosun is having a 20% discount storewide sale in the month of August!

for lotsa lotsa water games and pool toys on sale! :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ladies Halter Neck Swimwear at 20% Off!

20% storewide is an awesome deal! 
Believe me, browse below to feel the joy of sales :D
Presenting to you ladies one piece halter neck swimwear:
Before : RM 188.00
Now : RM 150.40


Classic and vintage are back in trend. Look elegant in [Ladies One Piece Halter Neck Swimwear - Tiffany]

This white piece floral swimsuit shouts eye candy! [Ladies One Piece Swimsuit - Melissa]

Jolene is for you if you wanna look sweet :) [Ladies One Piece Swimsuit - Jolene]

Is brown your colour? If yes, click [Ladies One Piece Halter Neck Swimming Suit - Avril]

Enough of yummy pictures :) Here are the details :
  • Ladies one piece swimsuit        
  • Halter neck with sash tie back     
  • Removable bra cup       
  • Front and back power net lining     
  • Scoop back
  • High quality lycra fabric with tummy control for perfect fit
  • Material : 80% Polyamide  20% Elastane

Don't miss out on Prosun Merdeka and Raya Sale! 20% off ANY PURCHASE in the month of August!

For More, Visit :D

Monday, 15 August 2011

More Prosun Men's Swimwear on Sale!

In our previous post, we featured men's swimming trunks in prints. For a change, How about simple and solid-coloured swimwear? :)

Men Swim Trunk in Black

Originally at RM 48.00, now it only RM 38.40! This swim trunks is one of our all-time best sellers and is quality assured! Details at [Prosun Men Swim Trunk in Black ]

Features :
● Men swim trunks       
● Square shaped       
● Full front lining
● Material : 80% Polyamide  20% Elastane

Grey Triangular Swim Trunk
This grey swim trunk is now ONLY RM10! Usually at RM 45, so for the month of August, this piece is totally worth it!

Head over to [Men Grey Swim Trunk] for details.

Knee Length Swim Pants

Simple, comfortable and durable, this pants is everything you're looking for. It can be used in almost all activities like swimming, snorkeling, hiking and cycling etc!

Purchase the above swim pants for only RM 60 in the month of August.  It can be worn by both male and female. Superb quality and highly recommended. *major steal!* :)

Click [Prosun Knee Length Swim Pants] * Squeal*

Don't miss out on Prosun Swimwear Raya and Merdeka Sale! It's 20% Storewide! Spend above RM200 and get FREE shipping as well as a FREE gift toy!

Purchase online at
Visit our Showroom in Cheras [Location]

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Men's Trunks at only RM10!

This month, Prosun Swimwear is having a major price slash for selected men's swimwear! 

Originally priced at RM 25, now it's
RM 10!

Click on Links under pictures for further details! :)


Blue Indian

Grey Stripes

Neon Blocks

Brown Batik
Link : Men Swimming Trunk (Brown)

Interested in more sales? Go to

Happy Shopping! :) :) :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Conservative Swimsuit Set for Ladies at 25% off!

Assuming you're Google-ing  for Islamic swimsuit for ladies, modest swimwear, swimwear for Muslim, Muslimah swimwear etc. Found what you need? Most likely your search results are showing swimwear from Middle East or China. Wanna look for something closer to home?

OEM and Wholesale Available too! Just drop us an E-mail.

Prosun Malaysia :)

Prosun is the pioneer of muslimah swimsuit sets in Malaysia.

Lookey lookey below!

Full Body Swimsuit - Cempaka

Floral motives are signatures of the Malay culture. Realise how seldom we see animal decoratives?

Hijab Swimsuit - Cahaya

Feminine Elegant. Enough said. :)

Muslim swimwear - Nadia

Basically, Prosun's modest swimwear sets constitute of :

The 3 elements to complete a muslimah swimsuit set.
1. swim tudung

Explore the beauty of modest swimwear. Remember to hit on the links above and below :)

In the month of August, purchase this suit (in any print) at 25% off! *Hooray!*

Click [Sales] to view posts on sales!
Click [Items 50% off] and [Items 60% off] for our bargain section!
Click [About us] to get to know our brand.
Click [Conservative Swimwear for Muslim] if you wanna see more of our modest swimsuit collection!