Friday, 17 February 2012

Better Know, How To Perform CPR

How to Perform CPR

It's always good to prepare for the worst, especially if you are a mum and have a children who love to swim. Children love to play with water, and sometimes as human parents also enjoying themselves, may cause less awareness towards the children.

It's better to prepare for the worst, as parents to get things done instead of panicking. Learn a way to perform CPR might be helpful for the future, as we do not know what will happen.

I have found this useful video on youtube:

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It's better to prevent them drown in the pool/water by attached floating arm band or swim vest, especially if you are going to public pool with a lot of crowded people

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fun Pool Outing

Pool Activities

Swimming is the best exercise to shape your body, It also fun especially if you go with your friends. Water games is really enjoyable, Recently I've known this simple & fun water games. The equipment is not expensive & easy to pack-to-go.

Here you go: 

Splash Games

Tools: Splash Water Bombs,other splash pool toys

Simple & Fun pool games. Divide the pool in half using a rope or net with players evenly distributed on both sides. If there is a deep end, make sure that players on that side are good swimmers. Have two baskets full of pool toys (if you have various splash toy it is better) Splash Water Bombs & Splash Flings for sample. Different way to splash added the fun to the games :))

With same number of toys in each basket, dump them in the water on each side of the line. On go, all players will try to throw the items to the other side of the line and try to keep their side of the pool free of items. You can give them 5 – 10 minutes to do so. When the whistle blows they are to stop immediately. The team with the least amount of items is the winner. Complete the game with fun punishment

Splash Flings

Splash Bombs

Splash Balls

<3 Enjoy the day to the max! <3

Monday, 6 February 2012

Get Your Body Shaped

For those ladies lookin' to have a curve body shape, you can try to wear a corset <3 <3. Personally speaking, having the curve on your body can make one feel sexy & more confident especially if you are plump size body & not confident to wear your sexy dresses, sexy swimwear or bikini because you feelin' like a drum. It's not to late to start wear corset, it shapes your waist perfectly if you regularly wear it <3
Corsets come in different shapes & style. You have the over bust corset, under bust corset and waste cinching corset, all of which minimize the appearance of the waste line. The under bust and over bust are multi-taskers, they also define the hips and lift the bust, creating the very sexy hourglass figure.

The corset is can help to accentuate the bust and hips while it cinchs the waist, and help you to have beautiful curves. Most women are looking to minimize the waist and possibly create a look that makes your torso and legs look longer.

Generally speaking a corset has three effects on your body:
1. it makes your waist smaller
2. it lifts and supports your bosom
3. it improves your posture.

Tips: Try to wear your first corset Your first corset will probably be only about 2 inches smaller than your natural waist measurement. Not too tight!

"It's always take effort to get your ideal looks, why not start now" *Cheers* :))

No Fear to wear sexy swimwear anymore! Monokinis & Bikinis all are welcome <3 <3

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