Tuesday, 11 December 2012

World's HIV Days

Malaysia Event, World's HIV Days

Welcome December! Start december with big events held at berjaya time square by student from University of Malaya :)

Start with sending the support through card! Each donation entitled a card. The card dedicated to the people with AIDS and displayed at berjaya time square!

E.R.A.S.E stands for ERadicate - (AIDS + Stigma) = Equality. 

Together with Malaysian AIDS Council, UM Medsoc will be celebrating World AIDS Day on the 1st & 2nd of December 2012. Support and dedicate messages to people living with HIV!

On such event, we are giving out a rebate voucher to the volunteer to purchase online from our shopping website!


Please contact our admin for more details! :)

Berjaya Time Square Card Display, Find your card amongst other 20,000 cards!
Event Highlights
1. Huge RED RIBBON CENTREPIECE accommodating 20,000 dedications in the form of postcards
3. Artist performances


Here it comes the event photo :)
Big Sculpture of Aids

Big Sculpture of  Stigma
Fight Aids & not the people with AIDS

Free Hugs anyone?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Prosun A day Before Sale!


A day before start day of Prosun Swimwear Sale!

Swim Accessories on Sale :D

Even New Arrival Swimwear is 20% OFF!

Beach Slippers, kickboard and inflatables is on Sale as well :D

Thursday, 8 November 2012


 Dear our valued customer,
There is a sale at our supplier showroom started from 

9th November to 18th November 2012. 

Below is the details as in price range, products, date & time


Wholesale & Export price up to 70% discount for Swimwear and Swim Accessories! GET FREE GIFT for purchase above RM 200!

Prosun Vision Sdn Bhd
1, Jalan 3/96A, Taman Cheras Makmur, Cheras 56100, Kuala Lumpur.
(Next to Hospital Pantai Cheras) (http://goo.gl/IE0GI)
Opening Hours : 10am to 6pm (Monday to Sunday)**
**During Sale Period Only

Tel           : 03-91335280
H/P        : 016-3168440 (Alvin)
                  014-3281528  (Feri)
Email       : sales@prosun.com.my

*Join us on Facebook and stay tune with our promotion!    (www.facebook.com/prosunswimwear)
*Follow us on twitter  (www.twitter.com/prosunswimwear)

We look forward to seeing you!

Prosun Swimwear Malaysia

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

30% OFF Swimwear and Swim Accessories!



Grab you favorite swimwear now!
Wide range of collections for Ladies, Men and Children Swimsuit.

Blast  your family outing, with our water games collections at 30% off!!

Conservative Swimwear and Muslimah Swimsuit collections for Ladies is available on Sale at:


Choose your Swimwear by Your Shape

Image Courtesy msdianekennedy


Apple Body Shape

Find swimwear with tummy control, for smoothing and support the tummy area. Choose the swimwear with the details decoration on the bust to align the focus attention away from the tummy and enhance your waist looks with vertical details lengthen the body and provide a slimming effect.

Ladies Control Suit


Aim to have the detail, colour and design focusing on the chest and away from the hips.
Ladies Halter Neck One Piece Swimsuit
Available at www.swimwear.com.my

Hourglass Body Shape
Be bold and flaunt those curves!
Enhance your shape with bold swimwear, try wear monokini or bikini with bright pattern and great cut line to enhance your shape!

Ladies Flora Monokini
Ladies Flora String Bikini


Rectangle Body Shape
Choose swimwear with details on the waist to create the illusion of curves. To enhance your shape you can use additional padded cups and control panels. Fear not Fancy colours and prints, you can get away with it so be confidence and show it!
Ladies Halter Neck with Belt

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

New Arrival 2012!

Swimwear for the Summer

PCS Ocean Magic is back!!! a conservative design fit and nicely enhance your body curve lines.
Comes with 6 different pattern, 
Dynamic and Sporty looks, Elegant and Sporty, Feminine and Oriental images
Choose your preference print!
Size : available from S to XL
RM 166.00

Available at:

Monday, 10 September 2012

New Online shop for Singapore Shopholics

Singapore Online Swimwear Shop!

The convenience of  shopping online is un-deniable :)
If you are looking for swimwear online shop, fashionable swimwear and trendy swimwear

We are here to introduce you our sister shop at Singapore online store!
visit them at 

They are welcoming the new shopaholics to place order with them and get as much as 20% Off for the customer which purchase during Grand Opening!

17th September 2012

Unable to find your preference style? 
Tell them what kind of style you are looking for and we will do our best to recommend special products to match your needs :) 

E-mail at: admin@swimwear.com.sg

Happy Shoppings!!

Today Recommended items:

New arrival at our very own store 

Junior Dolphins and Crabs Swim Goggles!

Additional features :

Antifog with UV protection  
Adjustable nose bridge and head strap

Material : Silicone

Size : Adjustable

 Packaging : Zipped Pouch

RM 18.50

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Song of the day, Summer Hit Song

Welcome August!! Recently our friends introduce us to korea new summer song, and first we do not really like it but now we do like it! It's beat is get more catchy every time you listen to the song! We've liked this song a lots, the song is funny not to mention psy act is funny as well!

Here is the song, watch out for Gangnam style!

At first we are wondered what is gangnam style? as far we've found through some research we do out of curiousity, gangnam is region of Seoul has been compared to Beverly Hills in California and New York City’s trendy Midtown, as Gangnam boasts plenty of high end shopping, dining, and entertainment to keep both tourists and the locals busy. So literally gangnam style means is lifestyle of the rich.

What's the song about,
In ‘Gangnam Style’ music, Psy tries to win his ideal woman, who is “warm and human during the day, a classy girl who understands the freedom of having a cup of coffee. A girl whose heart grows hotter as the night approaches, a girl with that kind of twist… A girl who looks quiet but knows how and when to party, a girl who lets her hair down when she feels it is the right time. A girl who covers up but is more sexy than a girl who bares it all, a sensual girl like that.”

Psy tries to convince her to fall for him, by saying that he, too, is warm during the day, but gets ‘hotter’ (later, “goes completely crazy”) at night, a guy that seems calm, but parties when it’s time to do so. He then tries to explain that he’s a smart and exciting guy who “one-shots his coffee before it even cools down,” and who has “bulging ideas rather than muscles.”
Basically, the ‘Gangnam-Style Oppa’ is trying to convince you that he’s rich, fun to be around, and interesting to talk to. Evidenced by the music video, he has definitely accomplished that.[Reference: Kimchi AZ]

Talk about summer and hit song, here comes the recommended items today, 
A black drawstring bikini. a combination of elegant black with colourful stripes blue-black and green. Added richness to the design, with quality Lycra fabrics, adjustable straps and remove-able bra cup.

Price: RM 149.00

Friday, 27 July 2012

New Arrival Muslimah Swimwear

Preview of arrival prosun products for muslimah swimwear!
Come with 3 design, solid black elegant, dynamic nadia and classy maroon!
Featuring zipper at the back and moderate length of skirt, attachable to the prosun swim pants to prevent the swim tops floating during swimming.

Official online distributor: www.swimwear.com.my

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Brightens up Cloudy Days~ Song and Fashion

It's Cloudy day for the next two weeks in Malaysia according to the weather forecast! 
Yeay, We love rain it's cooled and freshened the air :)
Yes, we do love summer! but a bit rain for changes doesn't too bad! 

Here is our song we keep on listen during rainy and cloudy days!
Rainy days doesn't always need to be match with mellow song, 
A happy song that can cheer you up and brighten the mood!

Wonder Girl's -  Like This

For products of the day we choose colourful products to brighten the eyes!
TT Cherry
Ladies Tankini

RM 179.00

LMK Blue Marine
Ladies Monokini
RM 228.00
BH Candy
Ladies Two Piece Bikini

RM 159.00

For more of Fashion Swimwear! Visit our Shop at:


Have a Great Days!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sing along~~ Beach holiday themed song.. Mighty Mouth

Sing along~ Summer Song

Stumbled on this song from Mighty Mouth~ Fiesta
I've found the video clip is sooo in summer themed, which is our favourite seasons :)
Hope you guys like it too, as we like it vy much:)

Anyway, news for beach fashionist Prosun's has released their new beach shorts for ladies,
This time the beach short is themed by season :) here is the sneak a peek!

Guess what season inspiring this pants?
The ladies beach shorts inspired by season of Spring, flower blooms and calm pink color combination to make it fill the themed of spring :) 
Block above area if you can't find the answer :)
The pants price is at RM 28.00!
and we do have other collection from other seasonal design for your choices!

Ladies Beach Shorts


Men's Beach Shorts

Men's do not worried, we do have new seasonal themed pants for you!
Start from RM 55.00

Visit our online shop at:

Monday, 18 June 2012

Memorable Travel Airlines

Courtesy of Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand's Skycouch converts a row of three seats into a bed with the touch of a button. Two passengers can snuggle horizontally, leaning against the wall or lying flat. Pay a standard fare for each seat, and the third shared berth is half price.
To get the "cuddle class" experience, travelers need to buy a third seat at half off, typically an extra $500 to $800 for an overnight flight—almost certainly less than the cost of upgrading two coach seats to first class. And while about half the buyers so far have been couples, families traveling with small children have happily been opting for the upgrade, too. 
Funniest Airline: Kulula AirlinesThe bright-green planes are painted with "This Way Up" signs or instructional diagrams pointing out the location of the landing gear, the loo, and the co-captain (labeled, "the other pilot on the PA system"). Then there's the in-flight banter, with gems like, "If you don't like our service, we have six emergency exits," and "Cabin crew is coming down the aisle to make sure that your seat belts are on and your shoes match your outfit." 
Most Irresistible Budget-Conscious Airline: RyanairRyanair commit enough acts of random irritation to upset even a Zen Buddhist. The skinflint airline charges a fee of about $10 to charge tickets to an American credit card, a fee to check in either online or at the airport, and a fee of about $16 to sit in an exit row seat. Once onboard, the hassles continue. The seatbacks don't have pockets; the airline instead prints the emergency instructions on the backs of the seats themselves. During a flight, Ryanair crew members constantly hawk snacks, lottery tickets, and smokeless cigarettes. (For a full list of the airline's sins, see ihateryanair.org.) Yet despite it all, Ryanair remains one of Europe's most-flown carriers. Sure, people may love to hate it, but few budget-conscious travelers seem able to resist its siren song of low fares.
Best Major U.S. Airline for Baggage Handling: DeltaIf you've ever thought you were singularly cursed with bad luggage luck, think again: A whopping 42 million bags (on average) are misplaced by airlines worldwide each year. Then, book your next flight on Delta, which had the best baggage-handling record among its peers (that is, the half-dozen largest US airlines) for 2011. Delta had 2.66 reports of mishandled baggage per 1,000 passengers flown last year—an impressive feat, given the airline's complex itineraries. Delta also raised the bar by adding a baggage-tracking tool to its free app for iPhone and Android (as well as to its website, delta.com, for those without smartphones). The app is the first from any airline to allow passengers to enter the number on a bag tag receipt—iPhone users can scan the barcode by snapping a photo of the tag—and watch a bag's journey from departure to arrival, all the way down to its exact claim carousel. If a bag is delayed, the owner can even check the bag's status using a reference number. It's no replacement for a waylaid vacation wardrobe, but it's certainly better than just wondering. 
Best (Splurge) Airline for a Mid-Flight Scrub: Emirates
The advent of the superjumbo jet changed the game for aircraft-interior designers, and no one pushed the new boundaries—both in literal and figurative terms—quite like Emirates airlines. Not content to add cushier beds and more elaborate entertainment systems, the Dubai-based carrier was the first in the world to use that additional room on its A380s to install full-height shower stalls for its first-class passengers to freshen up mid-flight. On its Dubai-London route, for instance, Emirates has two snazzy walnut-and-marble "shower spas" to serve its 14 first-class passengers (one person at a time, please). Flying coach on Emirates has its own perks: Each seat reclines up to 120 degrees, comes with a power outlet, and has a 10-inch seatback TV screen with 1,200 channels of entertainment.
Best Airline for Safety Demonstration Videos [Currently in Use]: Virgin AmericaA nun, a matador, and a bull walk onto on airplane—no, this is not the setup for a joke; it's a list of the characters starring in Virgin America's lighthearted, animated safety-demonstration video. Don't get us wrong—we know that air-travel safety is no laughing matter—but there's a lot to be said for a video that's engaging enough to actually get people to pay attention. (Other airlines have experimented with comic versions of safety videos over the years, but only Virgin America has made it a standard feature.)
Most Punctual Airline: All Nippon AirwaysForget the stereotype about German punctuality—Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) has set the standard for getting planes to their destinations on schedule. According to a report from FlightStats, the airline landed nine out of 10 flights on time in 2011—the best performance of any international carrier last year—just edging out Japan Airlines International (JAL), the winner for the two previous years. 
Airlines with the Best In-Flight Economy-Class Meals: Thai Airways and Virgin AmericaThe ultimate proof that an airline's in-flight food soars above the competition? Given that today's fliers are grateful for any food being available at all on planes, we're pleased to see two airlines willing to better their catering games. 
Eco-Friendliest Airline: Nature Air You're going to love the windows on Nature Air's planes—and not just because the super-sized panels are roughly four times as large as the ones on the last jet you flew. No, the best part is what you see out of them: the astonishing views of the Costa Rican rainforest, which serve as a constant, vivid-green reminder of just what this regional airline is trying to protect. Of course, flying is never going to be a no-impact form of travel—at least not as we know it now—but Nature Air is wholly committed to reducing its harmful effects. 
Tech-Savviest Airline: Scandinavian AirlinesImagine checking in for your flight without needing a boarding pass or a barcode, in either print or electronic form. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) allows just that. 
Most Experienced Airline: QantasIn the movie "Rain Man," Tom Cruise says, "All airlines have crashed at one time or another. That doesn't mean that they are not safe." Dustin Hoffman responds: "Qantas. Qantas never crashed." We're happy to report that the claim still holds up—almost. The Australian national airline holds an admirable safety record, having avoided any fatal crashes for more than 60 years. Granted, Qantas has had some lesser accidents in the last few decades, including a crash of a jumbo jet in Bangkok in 1999 that caused injuries (but not deaths), and an emergency landing of a plane in Manila in 2008 after an oxygen bottle exploded. Yet with its very long track record—it's one of the world's oldest continuously operating airlines, founded in 1920—and heavy flight schedule (4,900 flights each week), the "Flying Kangaroo" still deserves kudos for consistency. 
Source: http://on.msnbc.com/LjgRt8 (read for more details)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sun Protection UPF Swimwear

Sun Protection / Against UVA & UVB

Holiday..Beach.. & Sun! a fantastic day for your family, but still even it is fun you need to care about your own health protection. Prepare yourself with sunscreen and use a swimwear with UPF protection is recommended.

Get down to UPF / SPF / Basic Knowledge of UPF & SPF

UPF is a ultraviolet protection factor, which is normally used for measure the protection on textiles.
SPF is a sun protection factor, used by sunblock / sunscreen.

UPF & SPF is measure the transmittance of UVB rays ( ultraviolet that caused the skin burn) and UVA rays ( ultraviolet that causes tan, wrinkle and prematurely ages skin). To get the minimum UPF 15 is recommended. How to measure protection value? sun-protective value is based on a combination of fiber, weave, color and weight. You can use these factors to gauge the potential UV-protection of apparel labeled as sun-protective – or what’s you are wearing now.

Below is the UV absorbent material characteristics:

Fiber: Nylon and polyester have high UV absorbance. 
Cotton and rayon are the least UV-absorbing fibers.

Weave: In general, thicker, tightly-woven fabrics with dense fibers, as in denim and leather, keep rays from seeping through your clothes.

Weigth: Heavier is better, as it has more mass to repel sun seepage. The downside  – insulated fabrics collect heat and make you perspire. Some sun-protective shirts and pants have built-in, webbed mesh panels along the side or under the forearm for ventilation and breathability. 

Wetness: Fabrics of 100-percent cotton that are white or pastel have been shown to lose UPF when wet. One study showed a 1/3 reduction in SPF when both a synthetic surf shirt and cotton-polyester T-shirt were wet. 


1. Laundering the latter with Rit Sun Guard or a brightening agent can put these clothes in the UPF 30+ category.

2. Repeated washing of loosely woven fabrics tightens the fibers, enhancing sun protection. Watch out for fabrics that stretch, as stretching opens spaces between the threads to let the sun in.

3. Colors: Go for dark colors such as brown, black, navy and forest green potentially absorb more UV rays than light colors and pastels.

4.Ashinoff advises patients to use sunblock under clothing – regardless of what you wear. 

5. Sunblock provides better sun protection than sunscreen, which is typically more transparent when applied to the skin and can break down faster once exposed to the sun.

Kids Swimwear with UPF 50+

RM 79.00 / Available at www.swimwear.com.my


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Tankini for Perfect Fit

Get a swimming suit that fit well and flatter your appearance is rather hard, all women want to look marvellous in their swimsuit regardless their body type, and some times it's frustrating.  Solution: to find a swimwear shop that offers wide choices of style and size such as swimwear.com.my.
Recommended style is TANKINI, as it is flatter all body types and yet is stylish. TANKINI is a perfect for full figured women yet all of body types still can use this style and looks GREAT.  
TANKINI compromise style and area coverage for problematic areas, what's more it is comfortable and able to protect half upper body from sun burns! Make it great swimwear style to choose from :)

Check Out www.swimwear.com.my for more of choices of swimwear!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Walk Out

Walk Out / Redang Island

Redang Island is an archipelago of nine islands off the east coast of Malaysia. The nine islands are home to an abundance of wildlife, especially marine life, and were designated as a marine park. One of Redang's most popular snorkelling destinations, being home to a variety of marine life, including moray eels and giant groupers.

Redang Island's crystal clear waters are by large its greatest appeal. Giant sea turtles, along with thousands of species of tropical fish, play in the shallow waters of the beaches, often coming within a few feet of the shoreline. This, coupled with the large stretches of coral reef just beneath the surface of the unbelievably clear water, makes scuba diving or snorkeling at Redang Island an amazing experience.

Complete your holidays with Prosun's Beach FlipFlop, designed with floral and beach themed to fix fit the mood of vacation days