Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sing along~~ Beach holiday themed song.. Mighty Mouth

Sing along~ Summer Song

Stumbled on this song from Mighty Mouth~ Fiesta
I've found the video clip is sooo in summer themed, which is our favourite seasons :)
Hope you guys like it too, as we like it vy much:)

Anyway, news for beach fashionist Prosun's has released their new beach shorts for ladies,
This time the beach short is themed by season :) here is the sneak a peek!

Guess what season inspiring this pants?
The ladies beach shorts inspired by season of Spring, flower blooms and calm pink color combination to make it fill the themed of spring :) 
Block above area if you can't find the answer :)
The pants price is at RM 28.00!
and we do have other collection from other seasonal design for your choices!

Ladies Beach Shorts


Men's Beach Shorts

Men's do not worried, we do have new seasonal themed pants for you!
Start from RM 55.00

Visit our online shop at:

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