Friday, 30 March 2012

Swimwear Care

Good quality swimwear is expensive that's why you need to know how to take care of it, to keep it in top condition. Whether you wear your swimsuit regularly or occasionally, exposure to chemicals in a pool, lotions, sun and sand can harm the fabric. After every use, the swimwear needs to be washed and dried.
All swimsuits contain Lycra or spandex for elasticity. Chlorine in pools, body oils and perspiration can harm the elasticity of your swimsuit and cause yellowing of the fabric. So prompt cleaning after every use is necessary. Use cool tap water to rinse your swimwear. Ideally you should soak it for about half an hour. This will more effectively get rid of the dirt, sand and chemicals that can harm the fabric.
How to start?
1. Use cool tap water to rinse it, soak the swimwear about half an hour to get rid of dirt / sands / anything that harm the fabric.
2. Use liquid detergent instead of powders, liquid is easier to dissolve. 
3. Do no used bleach, instead turn your swimsuit inside out,
 and apply the detergent solution for a few minutes before rinse it.
4. Handwash instead of machine! even in mesh bags, washing machine is harsh and might damage your swimwear!
5. Never wring your swimwear, instead squeeze out the water.
6. Dry the swimwear at the shade of sun, too much sun will affect the color of it.

Hope this information is useful and happy swimming :))
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