Monday, 6 February 2012

Get Your Body Shaped

For those ladies lookin' to have a curve body shape, you can try to wear a corset <3 <3. Personally speaking, having the curve on your body can make one feel sexy & more confident especially if you are plump size body & not confident to wear your sexy dresses, sexy swimwear or bikini because you feelin' like a drum. It's not to late to start wear corset, it shapes your waist perfectly if you regularly wear it <3
Corsets come in different shapes & style. You have the over bust corset, under bust corset and waste cinching corset, all of which minimize the appearance of the waste line. The under bust and over bust are multi-taskers, they also define the hips and lift the bust, creating the very sexy hourglass figure.

The corset is can help to accentuate the bust and hips while it cinchs the waist, and help you to have beautiful curves. Most women are looking to minimize the waist and possibly create a look that makes your torso and legs look longer.

Generally speaking a corset has three effects on your body:
1. it makes your waist smaller
2. it lifts and supports your bosom
3. it improves your posture.

Tips: Try to wear your first corset Your first corset will probably be only about 2 inches smaller than your natural waist measurement. Not too tight!

"It's always take effort to get your ideal looks, why not start now" *Cheers* :))

No Fear to wear sexy swimwear anymore! Monokinis & Bikinis all are welcome <3 <3

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