Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fun Pool Outing

Pool Activities

Swimming is the best exercise to shape your body, It also fun especially if you go with your friends. Water games is really enjoyable, Recently I've known this simple & fun water games. The equipment is not expensive & easy to pack-to-go.

Here you go: 

Splash Games

Tools: Splash Water Bombs,other splash pool toys

Simple & Fun pool games. Divide the pool in half using a rope or net with players evenly distributed on both sides. If there is a deep end, make sure that players on that side are good swimmers. Have two baskets full of pool toys (if you have various splash toy it is better) Splash Water Bombs & Splash Flings for sample. Different way to splash added the fun to the games :))

With same number of toys in each basket, dump them in the water on each side of the line. On go, all players will try to throw the items to the other side of the line and try to keep their side of the pool free of items. You can give them 5 – 10 minutes to do so. When the whistle blows they are to stop immediately. The team with the least amount of items is the winner. Complete the game with fun punishment

Splash Flings

Splash Bombs

Splash Balls

<3 Enjoy the day to the max! <3

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