Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Type of bikini that suit you for your boddy

There are many of girls not confident of their body shape. Some of them not confident of their top, bottom or maybe belly. Not to worries, here we provide the tips to make you look good on swimsuit.^^

1. Top small
  • Try to wear fringes, ruffles or frills. 
  • Try Triangle tops
  • Try Horizontal lines.
  • Try Plenty of padding 
2. A bit of Belly
  • Belted one piece
  • A cami top
  • Black color blocks
  • An empire waist
3. Bigger Booty
  • Bottoms with ring
  • Boy shorts
  • A plunging neckline
  • Darker bottom with lighter top
  • Low rise cut
4. Busty
  • A V-neck
  • A thick strap halter
  • Top with under wire
  • A top with supportive wide band

Have a nice try:))

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