Monday, 19 September 2011

The First Online Islamic Beauty Contest in the World


Muslimah start to spreading their wings into the fashion world!! Here it goes! beauty pageant for Muslim women! <3 <3

Dika Restiyani, top right, center the winner of the first-ever Muslimah Beauty pageant being held on Jakarta, Tuesday. She was chosen not only for her looks but also her success as an entrepreneur, her work for charity, and her intellect.
The contest being made to recognize the beauty and potential of young women who wear hijabs.
This is a prove being modest doesn't conceal women beauty.

My favourite quote from dika (the winner of Muslim beauty pageant 2011)
“In my opinion, true beauty comes from the inside,”
“A truly beautiful woman is someone who benefits and inspires other people.” 

yes, indeed the beauty doesn't come from revealing dress, wonderful personality and manner makes a woman-woman <3 <3

The fashion has started to grown for the muslimah industry, the trend of being modest yet stay fashionable is difficult especially when you want to swim. 

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