Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Solid Coloured Bikinis below RM 50 in August!

Drawstring bikinis are the kind of everlasting swimwear that never goes out of trend. Hereby, Prosun Swimwear presents you with a string bikini top that comes with a simple bikini bottom.

Turquoise. Charming colour :)
Not too flashy, not too much exposure, just sufficiently sexy for all young women!

Lilac. A subtle and feminine colour <3 
What's great about tie bikini tops are that the strings are adjustable in length. Most importantly, you have a FREE size bikini top! Doesn't matter if you lose or gain a little weight. You can wear it FOREVER! =p

Orange. Sunny-side gal!
You're probably thinking 'Why isn't it a string bikini bottom?'. 
Well, to have a bikini bottom that is perfectly fitted for your butt!
Less hassle to tie SO MANY strings too ;D

Green. For the eco-lovers <3
The question is, "Where to buy?"
Honestly, "Anywhere!"

The difference is, Prosun assures you quality in all swimwear. Prosun swimming suits are made of high quality lycra fabrics that never fail to satisfy loyal customers. You'll keep coming back for more once you've tried one :)

Wait no longer. Click on links below for details!

Purchase in the month of August and get 20% off the original price! That is, below RM 50 for a GREAT bikini!


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