Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Conservative Swimsuit Set for Ladies at 25% off!

Assuming you're Google-ing  for Islamic swimsuit for ladies, modest swimwear, swimwear for Muslim, Muslimah swimwear etc. Found what you need? Most likely your search results are showing swimwear from Middle East or China. Wanna look for something closer to home?

OEM and Wholesale Available too! Just drop us an E-mail.

Prosun Malaysia :)

Prosun is the pioneer of muslimah swimsuit sets in Malaysia.

Lookey lookey below!

Full Body Swimsuit - Cempaka

Floral motives are signatures of the Malay culture. Realise how seldom we see animal decoratives?

Hijab Swimsuit - Cahaya

Feminine Elegant. Enough said. :)

Muslim swimwear - Nadia

Basically, Prosun's modest swimwear sets constitute of :

The 3 elements to complete a muslimah swimsuit set.
1. swim tudung

Explore the beauty of modest swimwear. Remember to hit on the links above and below :)

In the month of August, purchase this suit (in any print) at 25% off! *Hooray!*

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