Friday, 4 October 2013

New Arrival Swim Goggles 2013

New Arrival Swim Accessories!

Comes in 3 color, marine, grey and navy. Made from Silicone, provide comfort and protection from water

Adult Swim Goggles Z38
 Features :
Adjustable Head Strap
Shatter Resistance - Provides 0 distortion
Lens : PC. UV Protection, Antifog
Material: Silicone
Packaging : Plastic Box

Junior Swim Goggles ZJ 39
Features :
Adjustable Head Strap
Materials :
Lens : PC. UV Protection, Antifog
Eye Cup : Silicone
Strap : Silicone
Packaging : Plastic Box

Available at:

 Take care of your goggle! :)
Cleansing Instructions:
- Wash in fresh cold water, shake off excess water and dry in shade.
- Do not rub the inner lens, as it can reduce anti-fog performance.

How To Wear:
- Adjust the headstrap untill it fits comfortably
- Hold the goggle firmly with both hands, place the strap on the back of the head
- Pull the goggles to the front and place lenses over eyes
- Ensure the head strap not twisted.

Happy Swimming :D

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