Monday, 16 April 2012

Have Fun with Prosun Products!!

How To Enjoy Our Products!! It's Outing Time!

Play in swimming pool and testing our products to ensure its quality, the best and enjoyable moment both adults and kids. Before we launch our products we had our products tested for its  comfortability and feature fitting to not disappoint our customer, Sneak A peek as we are having fun on our product testing!

Learn how to move your legs using a KickBoard!
Lying and start kicking!!

 Water Noodles and connector!

Enjoy various Method of playing with water noodle 
(it's not food)
Round it and connect it using a connector, voila! its a swim ring! or let it float & Ride!

Lease your childhood fun outing with your beloved kids! Have fun with them and bond yourself in great family outing :)
Where to buy these stuff? Worry Not, It's available for sell at official online distributor:

More Pool toys available so check it out and do not miss it ! :)

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