Thursday, 5 January 2012

Butt Work Out, Prepare for beach days!

Get Ready for Beach Season <3

New Year = New Resolution!

Check out this latest bikini collection for 2012 
Ladies Two Piece Bikini
(BH- Strawberry)

Pretty swimwear with pretty body is amazing and impressive.
Wear one and show your beauty

Being pretty need a needless effort, why don't start to become one on this new year?
Change your looks and wear more pretty clothes <3

As for us, we get the resolution for this new year to start shape our body!
exercise is good for health, what's more it make you looks fresh and shape your body! 
Try to exercise several times a week greatly improve your body health!!
Exercise even help you to work more effective <3

Source: Self-Experience 

This year we are starting with Butt exercise
Who doesn't want to have a nice butt, Here We've found a very nice video on Butt workout exercise.
We have been trying on it for several days since New Year day, and We can see a slight improvement <3
Definitely going to continue work out on this! <3

Source: fitsk8chick's channel on Youtube

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